Services offered at Oak Cliff Acupuncture include:

($125/First Visit, $100/Return Visits)


Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into the body to promote healing. It is very relaxing, most people fall asleep.

Chinese Herbs ($25 per week)

Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful and effective drug-free modality used to promote better health and proper function of the body. Individual herbs are combined to create formulas that have a dramatic effect on the body. These herbal formulas support, balance, harmonize and balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Cupping ($25)

Cupping is a practice by which heated cups are placed on the skin to create a suction. This technique helps to improve circulation and detoxify the body. People feel great relief from tight muscles after cupping. While it is very safe and effective, it does leave red or purple marks that can last a few days.

Dietary Advice (no extra cost)

Chinese dietary advice given is based on principles Chinese medicine.

Massage (Tui Na) ($25/15 minutes, $50/30 mins)

Chinese Bodywork is massage techniques based on ancient pressure points. It feels amazing!

Meditation Practices (Qi Gong)

Breathing exercises, Physical stretches and Visualizations to help relax and maintain balance.